Coaching and Mentoring

Would you like a rewarding career that motivates and assists others while earning an impressive income?  Then Ken Chung’s Success Coaching Program is the seminar for you.

Simply put, Success Coaching empowers you to help other’s attain their goals.

Discover how to zero-in on strengths and weaknesses, and be able to point individuals in a direction where they will find success.

Learn how to ask the right questions, attract clients, and use proven tools to help make you a successful life and business coach.

There are many similar coaching programs that span 18 months to three years. However, Ken Chung’s Success Coaching seminar is so comprehensive that you’ll be certified in just five-days



When Ken Chung suggests the benefits of having a wise coach are multiple and meaningful – he speaks from experience.

“After I received support and direction from a mentor my business experienced a 500% growth.

“Keeping up with the speed and demands of my new found success would have been unmanageable if I had not gained valuable guidance and insight from that coach.

“My confidence level was multiplied, and the skill sets I learned have continued to serve me well in all aspects of life.

“I believe that a coach/mentor can help you create a healthy balance in your life, as well,” Chung explains.

A coach/mentor in your life is instrumental in helping you achieve both personal and professional goals.
Let Ken Chung help lighten your stress load and show you the way to success.



Whether your goals are to stop smoking, lose weight, or take yourself or business to the ‘next level’, Ken Chung can help you make it ‘happen’.

Focusing on your personal, physical, and financial well being Ken Chung assists you in learning how to change your mindset, understand what health and wellness means to you, and how to finally achieve your objectives.

Through a variety of techniques, Chung teaches you how to rethink and retrain your brain so it will be more effective in helping you achieve your goals.

Ken also helps you recognize and hone the important tools you already have in your own personal toolbox.

Ken Chung Empowers the vital tools you possess, needed in building a better you.


Coach The Coach

Once you have become a life coach the joy of the journey has really just started.  It simply gets better and better.

Ken Chung’s Coach the Coach program is a dynamic 12-week training and development session designed to maximize your leadership and coaching expertise. 

Ken’s power-team will have you participating in one-on-one assesments that help you to realize your goals.You’ll learn how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of being a life & business coach, hone your talents and skills, and more effectively manage your direct  and online marketing strategies.

Life coaching can add an abundance of joy to your life. Being able to offer those around you a positive direction is a reward all in itself. The appreciation and esteem you will build with those individuals is truly ‘icing on the cake’.

Empower yourself, and let Ken Chung assist you along the path to becoming the very best coach you can be. You and your clients will be glad you did.