Secrets of the Wealthy

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Whether your goals are to stop smoking, lose weight, or take yourself or business to the next level, Ken Chung can help you make it happen.

Focusing on your personal, physical, and financial well being Ken Chung assists you in learning how to change your mindset, understand what health and wellness means to you, and how to finally achieve your objectives.

Through a variety of techniques, Chung teaches you how to rethink and retrain your brain so it will be more effective in helping you achieve your goals.


Tax Strategies

Tax preparation and tax execution are an essential part of managing your business and financial portfolio. Although people usually do not place taxes on the forefront of their minds, they are a crucial part of our functioning as a society.

Ken Chung believes the old adage, ‘A good accountant is worth their weight in gold.’

“It’s not about how much they cost. It’s about how much they help you keep,” Ken Chung explains.

With insight into incentive programs and tax credits, Ken Chung makes sure that you get the most on your return every time.


Why They Don’t Say

Obtaining accurate information is imperative in making successful decisions when facing complex questions.

Regrettably, some important knowledge regarding your financial options may be unavailable to you. Ironically, some professionals within the banking world prefer clients to remain deaf to possible options and loopholes in the system that will help them save money.

“Basically, it comes down to education. It is true that ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’… until someone shares with you the knowledge that you didn’t know,” Ken Chung says.

Remember the first time you learned how to send and receive emails?  Imagine then, how empowering it will feel to be able to do something like share a wealth of information with others, and to make a difference in someone’s life.



We face a variety of challenges in our lives: emotional, physical, spiritual, and financial.

Ken Chung believes we must embrace them all to ensure our individual and family success.

To successfully function within our economic system, wealthy individuals learn to continuously adapt – using wise asset protection and tax planning strategies.

With the guidance of industry experts, anyone can benefit from the right structure customized for their particular situation.

Lifestyle is all about healthy balance in all four categories of your life. If you tend to be focusing more energy into one rather than the other, it may create more challenges.

If and when you tend to not focus on your financials enough, Ken Chung is here to help.


Good Dept Bad Dept

Some people think holding a mortgage is a negative debt that must be eliminated as soon as possible.

Though managing debt is an important skill to have in your toolbox, it is just as important to be able to recognize the difference between positive and negative debt.

Ken Chung gives the following example:

“My first home was only $167,000. Today it’s worth in excess of  $450,000. Most people would consider that to be a good debt.”

While it is true that the real estate business has its ups and downs, Ken Chung believes if you focus your sights on long term financial freedom, investing with knowledge will always leave you far above the red.

Ironically, the same people who fear a mortgage may suggest
financing a new truck is a ‘good’ debt. That is an example of what Ken believes to be a ‘bad’ debt, because, “vehicles only depreciate in value over time.”