As an accomplished life and business coach, Ken Chung’s quest is to inspire others to create real and sustainable change in all aspects of their lives.

The most popular and effective teaching tool in Chung’s Tool Box for Positive Change is his series of effective seminars.

Chung offers four specific seminars that are of great popularity with clients: Transformative Health and Wellness, Financial Freedom, Take Action Now,  and Success Coaching.


Transformative Health & Wellness

Whether your goals are to stop smoking, lose weight, or take yourself or business to the ‘next level’, Ken Chung can help you make it ‘happen’.

Focusing on your personal, physical, and financial well being Ken Chung assists you in learning how to change your mindset, understand what health and wellness means to you, and how to finally achieve your objectives.

Through a variety of techniques, Chung teaches you how to rethink and retrain your brain so it will be more effective in helping you achieve your goals.

Ken also helps you recognize and hone the important tools you already have in your own personal toolbox.

Ken Chung empowers the vital tools you possess, needed in building a better you.


Finding Financial Freedom

Ken Chung fully understands the complexities of life today, and the need for people to be financially responsible for themselves. That is why he enthusiastically provides leadership, direction, and creative solutions for your complex life.

Ken Chung offers powerful, educational seminars designed to open your eyes to important financial knowledge that other consultants do NOT tell you about.

Ken wants you to maximize any financial opportunities when they arise – and learn how to increase your odds of ensuring they do. He will teach you quick, key steps to increase your skills at building wealth.

More and more people are finding themselves in a constant cycle of just ‘making ends meet’. 

The Finding Financial Freedom seminar will teach you how to break free of the everyday, debt-to-debt, micromanaging concepts our society has embraced.


Take Action Now

Take Action Now
How do you see yourself in five years?

How do you visualize your life unfolding – personally, financially, physically?

Some people feel lost in choosing which particular path to follow in their journey towards a brighter future? Sometimes, they know their desired destination, but are not sure how (or are afraid), to make that first step.

That is when Ken Chung’s knowledge and experience as a mentor is what you need.

Chung’s Take Action Now seminar will provide you with that positive, focused jumpstart and needed confidence to achieve your goals.


Success Coaching

Would you like a rewarding career that motivates and assists others while earning an impressive income?  Then Ken Chung’s Success Coaching Program is the seminar for you.

Simply put, Success Coaching empowers you to help other’s attain their goals.

Discover how to ‘zero-in’ on strengths and weaknesses, and be able to point individuals in a direction where they will find success. 

Learn how to ask the right questions, attract clients, and use proven tools to help make you a successful life and business coach.

There are many similar coaching programs that span 18 months to three years. However, Ken Chung’s Success Coaching seminar is so comprehensive that you’ll be certified in just five-days.